every story has…

What does every story have? I can think of a number of things. A villain is the first thing that comes to my mind. Yes, every Sherlock needs a Moriarty. But there’s more. Every story has a plot. Or, at least, every good story does.

I’m not here to tell you stories. Hopefully you realized that the first paragraph was merely anecdote. But every action a person commits has a story. There is a story behind this blog. And every story has a plot. Or, at least, every good story does.

Right about now, you should be wondering what my ‘plot’ is in starting this blog. I certainly hope you are. That was the whole point of the two opening paragraphs. Simply put, I have a goal. Yes, a goal. I want to become a music journalist. No, rather, I want to become a relevant music journalist. My career in the field has technically already started, but I don’t think that a few album reviews in a high school newspaper are going to do the trick.

So you’re here to join me on this adventure. You’re becoming a part of my story. For that, I thank you and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Do you know what else a story has to have?

A beginning.

And I suppose this is it.

This blog will be used as my outlet. Yes, the tortured soul of an aspiring journalist will bear its guts onto the screen. More importantly, however, this is our destination for news and reviews. Concerts, songs, albums, music videos. It will all be here.

The game is on.

Now that I’m about to wrap up this post, I’m realizing something interesting in my anecdote: I haven’t found my villain yet. Alas, the story has just begun. I’m ready for some thrill.


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