artist of the week :.2.:


Origin: Houston, Texas

Genre(s): Pop punk

Latest Release: Double Dare

Waterparks are on their way to becoming modern day legends.

Vocalist Awsten Knight, drummer Otto Wood, and guitarist Geoff Wigington are creating a “New Wave” of pop punk. With the help of Good Charlotte’s Madden brothers and friends in high places (including but not limited to Mikey Way, former bassist for My Chemical Romance), they are splashing their way into the music scene with no apparent intentions of stopping.

This is only being furthered by their newest gig: opening for All Time Low on the Young Renegades tour. Waterparks bring an energy to the show that shadows the headliners in a refreshing way, yet is distinctly their own.

Waterparks have made a sound for themselves, even in their short discography. Knight’s crooning voice is unlike any other, and the electronic element of their music brings them leagues above others.

Waterparks demand to be heard.

Need further proof? Here are five essential Waterparks songs.

  • Silver // Airplane Conversations
  • New Wave // Black Light
  • Crave // Cluster
  • Royal // Double Dare
  • Stupid For You // Double Dare



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