artist of the week :.3.:

Band: The Wrecks

Origin: Los Angeles, California

Genre(s): Alternative rock

Latest Release: We Are The Wrecks

The Wrecks have three official songs.

Yes, the five piece LA based rock band has only one official EP released. However, their ten minute discography in no way dilutes the potency of their outright beautiful sound.

Right from the jump, vocalist Nick Anderson’s steelo shines through. His voice is strong while not bordering overbearing. His restraint allows pockets for guitarists Nick Schmidt and Harrison Nussbaum* to perfectly fit in, while pushing the envelope in a way that can only be described as rock music. Bassist Aaron Kelley is showcased beautifully, not forgettable in any sense of the word. Instead, his bass lines very obviously drive the songs as drummer Billy Nally’s rhythms pulse through the tracks.

In simplest terms, The Wrecks’ music breathes.

Not only does this band exude a fresh yet familiar and ever-powerful presence, they breathe life into today’s music, which the masses believe to be dying.

That said, The Wrecks are growing in popularity, and the world domination is soon to begin. Recently verified on Twitter and continuing a stretch of shows with All Time Low, the band is showcasing new songs live, effectively whetting the appetite of old and new fans alike.

The Wrecks are coming. Havoc will be wreaked. Damage will be done.

And, wow, will it be fun to watch.

Need further proof? Here are five essential songs by The Wrecks.

  • Turn It Up // We Are The Wrecks
  • I Don’t Like You // We Are The Wrecks
  • Favorite Liar // We Are The Wrecks
  • James Dean // currently unreleased
  • Way With Words // currently unreleased

*no longer a member of The Wrecks. Weston Weiss has since joined. 


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