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Artist: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Origin: Llandudno, Wales

Genre(s): Rock, alternative, ‘English rock’

Latest Release: The Ride

Catfish and the Bottlemen is the band you never knew you needed. 

Following in the steps of the English rock legends Arctic Monkeys, The Bottlemen have a certain edge that sets them apart from most music that graces the airwaves. With introspective, honest, and sometimes flirtatious lyrics, they have rooted themselves firmly into the English rock scene. 

Currently, vocalist and guitarist Van McCann, drummer Bob Hall, guitarist Johnny Bond, and bassist Benji Blakeway are on tour with Green Day on the Revolution Radio Tour (concert review due early next week!). While their sound is opposite to the pop punk legends, they have the gravitational live performance skills to bring any music fan to their knees. 

In short, with their catchy riffs, big beats, McCann’s gorgeous voice, and an impeccable Kanye West cover (see: Black Skinhead), Catfish and the Bottlemen are irresistible.

It ends how it started. 

Catfish and the Bottlemen is the band you never knew you needed.

Need further proof? Here are five essential Catfish and the Bottlemen songs.

  • Tyrants // The Balcony
  • Pacifier // The Balcony
  • Anything // The Ride
  • Soundcheck // The Ride
  • Outside // The Ride

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